Arkansas Welding Academy Inc. - Where you have the will we have the way!

Everything provided to enter the welding career in seven months.

  • The ONLY Federally Accredited Welding Trade School in the state of Arkansas.

  • Financial Aid Available to those who qualify.

  • All Welding processes.

  • Seven Hours in the lab per day.

  • Welding, Cutting, Beveling, and Fitting.

  • Carbon and Stainless Steels.

  • Pipe and Tube Welding.

  • Specialty alloys such as Inconel and Chromoly.

  • Real world testing and welding for Pipe and Tubes, Downhill, Purging Stainless and other Alloys and more.

  • Work with AWA staff to become a well rounded fabricator! Have a project in mind? Design and plan with an instructor and engineer on staff. Build it the way you want it!